Book Week 2015

Than you to all of the pupils, parents and staff for their support during our Scholastic Book Fair.

Well done to all of the children who entered our competitions. It was very difficult to choose the winners as there were so many lovely entries ranging from snowmen, models, cakes, pictures, mobiles and costumes.

The prize winners were:

Nursery - 1st prize - Harry Cooper (picture of Olaf), 2nd prize - Daisy May Gill (sleigh and snowman) and 3rd prize - Eshan Gill (snowman)

Reception - 1st prize - Samuel Rowe (snowman picture), 2nd prize - Neve Jinks (Large snowman) and 3rd prize - Jack Reynolds (Snowman)

Year 1 - 1st prize - Max Greening (tiger picture in a frame), 2nd prize - Erin Welsh (Litlte Miss Muffet 3D Display) and 3rd prize - Luke Whitehouse (Humpty Dumpty picture)

Year 2 - 1st prize - Evie Jones (Monkey lollipops), 2nd prize - Isabelle Wellington (butterfly poem and model) and 3rd prize - George Gill (monkey picture)

Year 3 - 1st prize - Jessica Whitehouse (Crocodile poem and model), 2nd prize - Ethan Webb (Shape poems) and 3rd prize - Esh Loi (Winter scene)

Year 4 - 1st prize - Toni Hale (Hand print poem), 2nd prize - Rubbie Poulton (Humpty Dumpty cake) and 3rd prize - Shane Gill (Body parts mobile)

Year 5 - 1st prize - Kian Jones (Mr Invisible poem), 2nd prize - Luke Gill (Superhero costume) and 3rd prize - Chole Power and Anrika Patel (superhero mobile)

Year 6 -1st prize -  Isabel Taylor (Hickery, Dickory, Dock model) 2nd prize - Hyleigh Poulton (Humpty Dumpty cake) and Ellie Wildman (friends poem).

Once again thank you for your support. The commission that we made will help us buy new books to use in the school library.