Family Support

Hello everyone,

My name is Janet Davies

I am Parent Support Adviser here at St Joseph’s School. You will find me based in the school office. I will be available to support parents and their children, where there may be early signs that families could benefit from additional help. I will also be able to provide information to parents about relevant local services available, such as child care providers, educational courses, parenting classes/skills etc.

Also I do mentoring with children now also, so I do not know if this needs to be included and that I organise the after school activities. Also School Council and A stars road safety within the school with the children. I also run family workshops and sign post parents to other courses that are run locally. I work closely with the St Joseph’ Community Association to support events for you and your children to engage and enjoy. I will be available to discuss any issues with you in school or in the comfort and privacy of your own home, please call the school office or call my mobile number to speak with me. Or email with any questions.