Name      Title/Responsibility
Mrs K.  Hinton Head Teacher - Reading, RSE, Assessment, Teaching and Learning Standards 
Mrs N. Hannett Deputy Head Teacher - Geography, PSHE, Teaching and Learning Standards
Mrs L. Waller

Assistant Head Teacher - Class Teacher Year 4 - SEND & Maths Lead, Teaching and Learning Standards

Miss E. Maher

Assistant Head Teacher - Class Teacher Year 5 - Science, DT, EVC Co-ordinator, Teaching and Learning


Miss A. Windsor Class Teacher - Nursery 
Miss E. Stewart Class Teacher - Reception - EYFS Lead & Phonics 
Mrs G Morris Class Teacher - Year 1

Miss N. Edwards

Class Teacher - Year 2 - Writing Lead

Mrs V. Bamforth Class Teacher - Year 3 - RE Lead, ICT
Miss A. Goodwin Class Teacher - Year 6 - History Lead
Miss T. Ridley Music Teacher (Rockit Music)
Madame Jordan French Teacher (La Jolie Ronde)
Mr J. Davies Sports Co-ordinator (Central Coaching)
Mrs T. Skitt HLTA
Mrs D. Dawes HLTA - Phonics Support
Mrs C. Perks Teaching Assistant/Cover Supervisor
Mrs C. Applegarth Teaching Assistant - Art Lead
Mrs M. Kaur Teaching Assistant
Miss E. Kempson Teaching Assistant/Cover Supervisor
Miss T. Cato Teaching Assistant/Cover Supervisor
Mrs K. Kaur Teaching Assistant/Cover Supervisor
Miss L McGlone Teaching Assistant/Cover Supervisor
Mrs T. Sheffield School Administration Manager
Miss S. Wellington School Business Manager
Mr I. James Site Manager
Mrs G. Brown Dining Experience Assistant - Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs A. Thomas Dining Experience Assistant - Relief Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs J. Garner-Smith Breakfast Club Supervisor