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Spring Week 6 w.b.08/02/21

Author of the Week

Find out about the author Sally Gardner and listen to the audio book 'Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon'.

Weekly Challenges

Remember - Activities to be completed every day

  • Read for at least 20 minutes. This could be a school or home reading book, a story online or a magazine.
  • Play TimesTables Rockstars or Numbots for 15- 20 minutes. Make sure you play on both sites throughout the week.  
  • Complete at least 20-30 minutes exercise. See the PE page for some ideas.

This weeks lessons

The work below is compulsory and must be completed each week 


Monday 8th February 

1. Join in with this morning's Gospel Assembly by clicking in the link below. 

2. English - Complete the next BFG lesson where we will be sequencing and retelling the build up. 

3. P.E. - Keep yourself fit and healthy and have fun at the same time by joining in with PE with Joe Wicks.

4. RE -Log in to the meet on the YR3 Google Classroom at 11am when Fr. Craig will be joining us to answer your questions about the Mass. 

5. Maths-  Today we'll be multiplying 2 digit numbers by 8, using the partitioning method. This is our last lesson in this unit. Tomorrow we'll be learning about length. 

6. Science - Find out about how shadows are made by completing the Oak Academy science lesson. 

Tuesday 9th February 

1.English - Complete the next BFG lesson where we will practise and apply our knowledge of more suffixes: Past and present tense, including a test

2. Maths-  Today we'll be starting a new maths unit called - Length and perimeter. Our first lesson is all about measuring accurately lengths to the nearest cm or mm -  You will need a ruler.

3. French - Watch and join in with the Year 3 french lesson - numbers

4. Music 1 - Watch and learn the COCA COLA SONG 

    Music 2 - Watch and have a go at the Improvisation with Water & Glass activity - You will need a some glasses, water and a small spoon.



Today is Safer Internet Day.

If you get time:

  • Make a pledge on Purple Mash (log on to purple mash to do this)
  • Make a poster about how to stay safe online.

Wednesday 10th February 

1.English - In this lesson, we will generate precise vocabulary to use in our writing. We will use this vocabulary to orally rehearse our writing of the build up.

2. Maths-  Today we are going to use our rulers accurately and draw and measure lines in cm and mm

3. PE - Dance lesson 2 - watch the video and take part

4. History  - Monuments - In this lesson we will learn all about the monuments that prehistoric Britons made

5. Science - In this lesson, we will be learning how you can change the size of a shadow. You'll can have a go at creating your own shadow puppet theatre. If you want to you will need a paper, some cardboard, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. 

Thursday 11th February


1. English - Today we will focus on writing the build up for the BFG (part 1)

2. Maths - Today we will be making appropriate estimates of length by comparing.

3. Computing - We will be doing more work relating to Safer Internet day - Exploring reliability in the online world.


  • You will visit two different websites to compare information about Christopher Columbus.
  • Complete the worksheet to identify which website had reliable information.
  • Create a poster to share top researching skills.
  • Watch the safer internet day assembly.

4. RE - Complete the RE lesson by working through the Powerpoint and completing the tasks in your book. 

5. Art: We are linking our science topic Light and Shadows to our art work.

  • We will study the artist Bridget Riley's use of light and dark in her optical illusion pictures.
  • You will then colour in various optical illusions. You can do this on paper or on Purple mash.

Today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Read one of the PowerPoints below or complete the comprehension activity and write a fact file about a person of your choice in your exercise book. 

International Women's day activities:
Thursday 11th February Lesson links and resources:

Friday 12th February

1. English - This is the last BFG lesson, finish your writing by completing the build-up (Part 2).

1. Maths - Length and Measurement Application.

2. Log in to purple mash and complete the reading 2do task.

3. Art - Create your own optical illusion art work. 

5. The last hour: For the last hour of the day on Friday, you can choose an activity that you are interested in to complete with your family. It could be for example: reading for pleasure, baking, playing a board game, exercise or going outside.

We are continuing to make our friendship bracelets in school today. If you would like to make one at home I have linked an instruction video below.