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Celebrating our Catholic Life

The Year of Saint Joseph


Pope Francis has proclaimed the year from 8th December 2020 to 8th December 2021to be the “Year of St. Joseph.”  

This year we are invited to follow St. Joseph’s example, pray with him and entrust our work to him as the patron saint of workers.

St Joseph’s Feast Days are 19th March and 1st May.


Who was Saint Joseph?


Saint Joseph was a very important person in Jesus' life. He is also very important to us at St Joseph’s school and to the St Newman Cluster as two of our parish churches are named after him.


Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary, the foster father of Jesus. St Joseph was a very important figure in the life of Jesus, but we actually know very little about him. In the Bible there are no recorded words spoken by St Joseph - not one!


The Bible does tell us that Joseph was Mary’s husband and Jesus’ foster father; that he worked as a carpenter and was humble, and not wealthy, and that one of his great, great ancestors was King David – that’s the same David who killed the giant Goliath with a stone!


 Thousands of schools and parishes around the world are named after St Joseph. There are 21 primary schools just within the Archdiocese of Birmingham under his patronage.

And there are several countries -Mexico, Canada and Belgium, that have Joseph as their patron saint.



Our Faith Assemblies

Our Catholic faith is at the very heart of our school and is evident as soon as you step through our doors in what you will see, hear and feel inside St. Joseph's.


St. Joseph's serves a vibrant multicultural, and multi-faith, community. Care and respect for individual differences is very much at the heart of our ethos. This is emphasised regularly throughout the day. As well as the daily acts of collective worship our children pray regularly throughout the day in their classrooms.

The school arranges visits to other places of worship within our local community so that children can learn about the beliefs of others.


Serving Our Parish and School Community

We serve our parish of St. Josephs and the local community in many ways sharing God's message of love with others whenever we can. Some ways in which we do this are:

  • Holding special, reflective services and liturgies in our church for our school and parish communities, especially during Advent and Holy Week.
  • We organise school-parish Masses throughout the year where children from our school lead the collective worship for the parish.
  • Class assemblies are held on Fridays every two weeks and all members of our community are invited and encouraged to attend. These always have a religious focus.
  • Shared preparation in school and in the parish each year for the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and every second year the sacrament of Confirmation. We also hold regular parent meetings to ensure that families are fully involved in preparations.
  • Working with Parents as partners in our Nursery and Reception classes.




We support lots of charities throughout the year and staff, children and their families are always extremely generous in their support of others.

Money is raised through fund raising events, fairs and charitable donations from the school community. In recent years we have made donations to CAFOD, Macmillan Cancer research, Roald Dahl charities and many other worthy causes.

We also support the local food bank (St. Paul's) by collecting and donating food during Harvest Festival.

Thank you to Archbishop Bernard who celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation with our Year 5 and 6 children.