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Autumn 1

In English this half term we are reading-

During this unit of work we will be writing: 

A character description

A fact file on penguins


We will also be focusing on a media unit where we will be writing a setting description for a beach.



In our maths lessons this half term we are learning about:

  • Numbers to 10
  • Number bonds
  • Revision of numbers to 10 and number bonds.



In RE this half term we will be learning about:

- Creation

-Families and celebrations 




In Geography this half term we are learning all about 'UK and London'.  We will be finding out about the United Kingdom and the city of London. 




In KS1, children are introduced to the fascinating world of materials, helping them understand the different substances that make up our surroundings and their various properties.

What are Materials? Materials are the things that objects are made of. They can be solid, liquid, or gas. In KS1, children begin to identify and categorize materials based on their characteristics.

Properties of Materials: Children learn about different properties that help us describe and understand materials. Some common properties include: