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Autumn 2

What will your child be learning in Year 3 this half term?


Guided Reading –This half term we will continue reading ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl together in class before moving on to another Roald Dahl text – ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. We will work on developing our comprehension skills by focusing on Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation and Summarising.

Any children who are still working on the Read, Write Inc. Phonics programme will continue to work on their phonics skills during these lessons.


Our writing focus is non- fiction – Discussion. Our focus book is 'Voices in the Park'.  Voices in the Park uses story and imagery to tell the story of a shared space through the voices of four different characters. The children will discuss and give their opinions of the differing perspectives of the four character They will debate pros and cons using discussion language through this text.


Religious Education (R.E.) – Our first unit of this half term focusses on Reconciliation. The children will explore human choices, the consequences of sin, Christ’s teaching on forgiveness and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Next, we will go on to learning about Advent ;looking at Bible stories of the Annunciation and Visitation. They will explain how Mary and Elizabeth prepared to welcome and recognise Jesus Christ. They will develop their understanding of Advent as a time to prepare for Christmas and reflection on Christ being in the world.


Maths –

This half term we will focus on:

Multiplication and Division.

The children will be learning their 3, 4 & 8 Times Tables, which will support the mental maths focus on knowing and calculating these facts with speed and accuracy. Please help your child to practise these at home.

The children will apply their times tables knowledge to support their learning with division. They will be given the opportunity to solve problems using multiplication and division.

The children will continue to use Times Tables Rock Stars and Freckle to support their learning.


Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar – This half term, we will be looking at

  • Simple, complex and compound sentences
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • The two uses for apostrophes

We will have a spelling test each Wednesday; the spellings for each week will be glued in your child’s planner ready for the week ahead. Please help your child to learn these words at home.


Mental Maths -

This half term we will looking at:

  • Mental addition and subtraction adding 2 digit numbers together by using our place value knowledge.
  • Multiplication and division facts linked to the 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

Our focus is on knowing and calculating these facts with speed and accuracy. Please help your child to practise these at home.

We will continue using Freckle to work on the skills we need to develop.


History -  The children will begin a unit which will continue in the Spring term, learning about Prehistoric Britain – Stone age, Bronze Age & Iron Age.  As part of this topic, on Thursday 24th November, the children will spend a day in school carrying out a mini-excavation, handling replica and real artefacts, making a mini-museum, pot making and completing craft activities to help them experience what life might have been like in the past.


Science Chemistry – Raw and Synthetic Materials

During this half- term, the children will learn: What is a raw material? What is a synthetic material? How are synthetic materials made from raw materials? What is recycling and why is it important? What does it mean to live sustainably?


Physical Education (P.E.) This half term, the children will be focussing on gymnastics and hockey. In gymnastics, the children will continue to develop skills such as rolls, jumps and balances. They will also be introduced to new challenges such as mirroring and matching partner work as well as attempting different actions on apparatus. In hockey, children will develop skills in isolation such as passing, dribbling and shooting. Furthermore, they will develop their understanding of the rules of the game and how to work as part of a small team. 

Children will need their PE kit in school on Mondays and Wednesdays – as some of these lessons will take place outdoors you may wish to provide navy jogging trousers, navy sweatshirt or school jumper and trainers for the children to wear if the weather starts to get colder.


Computing – This half term we will focus on Computing systems and networks – Connecting computers. 

This half term we will focus on Computing systems and networks – Connecting computers. The children will develop their understanding of digital devices, with an initial focus on inputs, processes and outputs. They will also compare digital and non-digital devices. Next they will be introduced to computer networks, including devices that make up a network's infrastructure, such as wireless points and switches. Finally, they will discover the benefits of connecting devices in a network.


Personal,  Social & Health Education (PSHE) –In PSHE this half term we will explore diversity – thinking about our similarities and differences, exploring celebrations including Diwali and Christmas; encouraging respect and tolerance of other peoples beliefs. We will also explore bullying and the importance of reaching out for help and support.  We will begin our ‘Ten Ten’ lessons for the year, starting by thinking about how special each of us is as an individual.


French Using their detective skills to spot cognates and working out meaning, the children will learn vocabulary for different animals. They will research a new noun in French and determine its gender. They will look at French habitats as well the animal food chains.


Music – In our music lessons with Miss Scoines, we will be developing our understanding of traditional musical notation and Italian Musical terms: piano, forte, repeat marks, etc. We will also develop our singing skills by singing together as a choir.