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Autumn 2


In English this half term we are reading the Three Little Pigs.


We are writing a:

  • Journey Tale
  • News Paper report 




In maths this half term we are learning how to:


  • Positions recap
  • Numbers to 20
  • Addition & Subtraction within 20 
  • Fluency Friday - 10 x table and number bonds within 10.


Our topic in science is Building Things. We are investigating which materials would be best to build a wall and what properties those material have. We also have a Bushcraft Day where we are having Forest Schools Birmingham visiting us to teach us all about building things. 



In History, we are learning about Changes Over time. We will be looking at how music has changed, transportation, food and toys. We have a trip booked at Cannock Chase to take part in a changes through time workshop. 




In RE, we will be learning all about Prayer and Advent as we lead up to Jesus' birth. The children will learn the importance of prayer and different ways we can pray to God. During Advent, the children will learn the importance of waiting and how special Jesus is. 


During our unit on Building Things, we will be distinguishing between an object and the material from which it is made from. We will be identifying and naming a variety of everyday materials including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock. With all of this, children will then compare and group a variety of everyday materials based on their simple physical properties.

Physical Education (P.E.)

Children will need their PE kit in school on Monday and Thursday. This term, children will be looking at Dance in their PE lessons.

Computing –

 Develop your learners’ understanding of technology and how it can help them. They will become more familiar with the different components of a computer by developing their keyboard and mouse skills, and also start to consider how to use technology responsibly.

Design and technology

In DT, the children will be making a moving Christmas card. The children must think about ways the card can move, colours they can use and what design they would like on their card.