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Virtues and Values

Summer 1 - This half term Year 2 are focusing on being curious and active


Curious: exploring God’s creation and asking questions to find out more. 


Active: working to make things better where we can. 

Spring 2 - This half term Year 2 are focusing on being Learned and Wise


Learned: learning how God wants us to live our lives. Whether we are young or old, we should never stop learning about what God wants of us. We learn many new things each day. By reading the Bible, listening to our teachers and listening to our hearts, we learn more of what God wants.


Wise: knowing how God wants us to live our lives and putting it into practice. God is always with us and hoping that we will live our lives in the right way, following the teachings of Jesus.

Spring 1 - This half term Year 2 are focusing on being Eloquent and Truthful


Eloquent: the ability to speak or write fluently, persuasively and appropriately. We are eloquent when we use language to express our ideas or opinions clearly. When we choose our words, we should do so carefully so they are kind and compassionate, and don’t hurt others. We can express ourselves in other ways like music, drama, painting or dance. 


Truthful: God wants us to be truthful in all we do. Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’, so being honest and truthful means we are following in his footsteps and living life the way God wants us to. Being truthful is being faithful to ourselves and to Jesus. We should stand up for the truth.

Autumn 2 - This half term Year 2 are focusing on being Faith-filled and Hopeful


Faith-filled: We are faith-filled when we are living life as God inspires us to live it, putting the Gospel into action through our deeds. Faith gives us belief and trust in God and in other people. We have to build on it every day through prayer, being part of a faith community and living out the gospel values. Faith gives us hope.


Hopeful: We are hopeful when we are optimistic about the future, we trust ourselves and others, and we don’t give up. Our faith teaches us that God is hope – that Christ walks before us and gives us the courage to follow. Hope makes us unafraid to step into the unknown and face challenges. Hope can deepen or restore our faith.

Autumn 1 - This half term Year 2 are focusing on being Compassionate and Loving


Compassionate: We are compassionate when we feel sympathy and concern for other people who are in difficulty, whether they are near to us or far away.


Loving: We are loving when we show our sympathy and concern for other people by our actions and by our words.