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Homework Expectations at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

We believe that homework should be purposeful and manageable. Homework set will be appropriate to the needs and ability of your child.


READING: All children should read for 15 – 20 minutes every night. It is important for children to read many different books. PLEASE SIGN YOUR CHILD'S PLANNER AFTER THEY HAVE READ WITH THE AMOUNT OF PAGES COMPLETD.


SPELLINGS: Children in Year 2 will be given spellings to learn at home for the half term. These will be put into pupil planners at the start of every half term. Children will receive a Look, Cover, Write, Check sheet each week to help them practice their spellings. 


MENTAL MATHS: Children in Year 2 will be expected to practice mental maths facts at home each week. Children can use Numbots and Freckle to practice their mental maths facts. 




Numbots is an online platform that combines fun and learning, helping children aged 4 and above develop their number sense, addition, and subtraction abilities.


With just 15 minutes of Numbots practice each week, your child can:


  1. Build Confidence: Numbots presents math in a playful and interactive way, nurturing your child's confidence in handling numbers and solving problems.

  2. Improve Fluency: Regular practice with Numbots enhances your child's mental math skills, making calculations quicker and more accurate.

  3. Enjoy Learning: Through its game-based approach, Numbots keeps children engaged and excited about math, turning learning into a delightful experience.


Logins can be found inside the school planner for your child. Any issues with this, please see Miss Edwards! smiley


PRAYER BAG: Children will be given the class prayer bag to take home for one week during the school year. The children are encouraged to share prayers with their family and record their experience in the book provided.