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St Joseph's teaching and learning in Mathematics is underpinned by the principles and approaches of Maths No Problem. The Maths No Problem curriculum is taught from Reception to Year 6.


How are lessons taught?

Daily Maths lessons consist of three parts:


1. Anchor/In Explore Task – the entire class spends time on a question guided by the teacher. The children work in pairs and are encouraged during this time to think of as many ways as possible to solve the question as possible.

2. Guided Practice – practice new ideas in groups, pairs or individually guided by the teacher or working independently.

3. Independent Practice – practice on your own. Once children have mastered the concept they use their reasoning and problem solving skills to develop their depth of learning.


In addition to daily Maths No Problem lessons, all classes have Mental Maths times. The emphasis of these short burst sessions is to develop times table knowledge and focusses on verbal/oral Maths encouraging explanation and exploration of mental maths methods. This builds fluency  and instant recall strategies for the children to use as tools to help them with their processes in Maths.

Mental Maths is also supported by computer based Maths work using Numbots, TTRockstars and Freckle.