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Summer 2

English and Whole Class Reading


In our English lessons we will be using The Girl Who Stole an Elephant to write a character flaw tale and an advertisement.


We will be working on our use of language, such as adverbials and expanded noun phrases,  as well as emotive language to engage our readers and write interesting description.


We are also working on our handwriting to earn our pen licences!



Our units this half term are Sharing in the Life of Christ and Special Roles and Responsibilities.

We will be learning all about community, the Universal Church and different roles within the Church.

We will learn about the key roles of priests, monks, nuns and the parish community.


Spellings for Summer 2


Spellings are glued into planners on a Thursday to be tested the following Thursday. Please encourage the children to learn the letter patterns and practise their handwriting at the same time.



In our maths lessons this half term we are learning about:


  • Perimeter and Area
  • Geometry
  • Position and movement
  • Roman Numerals


In Year 4, we work very hard on learning our times tables ready for the multiplication check in the summer term. So, it is very important that we know every times table fact fluently.

Please encourage your child to regularly practise their times tables using TT Rockstars or





In Science, we are studying Sound. The children are learning about how sounds are made, pitch, volume, the relationship between sound waves and volume/pitch, and making string telephones.





In Geography this half-term, we are learning all about natural resources. We will be looking at what these are, how they are used and what we need to do to preserve them.





In French we will be learning phrases to describe the weather and vocabulary for the compass points; counting from 1-100 in multiples of ten; combining this knowledge to make statements about what the temperature is in different parts of France and to deliver a weather forecast. The children explore the water cycle and recognise scientific cognates.





We are preparing for our music exam and parent performance this half term. We will be practising our pieces and working on performing for an audience.     





This half term in PE we are studying rounders and athletics. We are working on precision, strength, team skills and competitive understanding.





Our unit this half term is called Created to Live in Community. This explores the individual’s relationship with the wider world. Here we explore how human beings are relational by nature and are called to love others in the wider community through service, through dialogue and through working for the Common Good.





We are going to be having a look at programming for games, using coding and repetition.