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Friday 26th January, 2024


In our lesson today, we have been learning that baptism is a special celebration to welcome people into God’s family. We used role play to act out a baby doll being baptised. We had Parents, Godparents and a priest.


“The priest uses a shell to pour water on the baby’s head” - Michael


We also played baptism bingo to help us recognise the symbols and to help us use the vocabulary 

(Baptism, Church, God’s family, Water). 

Tuesday 23rd January, 2024 

The police came to visit reception

Reception had some special visitors. PSCO's Sarah and Dan came to talk to us about the important job they do in our local area. We learnt about the uniform and equipment they use and how it is used to keep them safe.  We asked some good questions such as 'What other jobs do you do apart from catching bad guys?' and we learnt that they also look for missing people and give good advice too. We got to try on some of their uniform - we looked so smart!!


As an extra treat firefighter Nick came in with some of his equipment too. Can you see how super we looked as firefighters? Nick told us that firefighters do lots of things to help us and our animals too! The children learnt about the special safety equipment needed to protect them from heat, fire and smoke.  


What an amazing visit we had :-)