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Year 1

Year 1 curriculum

know how to cut, roll & coil materials

know how to use IT to create a picture

know how to show how people feel in paintings and drawings

know how to use pencils to create lines of different thickness in drawings.

know how to create moods in art work know the names of the primary and secondary colours

know how to create a repeating pattern in print describe what can be seen and give an opinion about the work of an artist ask questions about a piece of art

Developing painting and collage skills

Year 1 have ben exploring why colour is important in their art lessons.

They found out that colour could affect their mood. They created sad and happy rainbows using the colours that affect how they feel. To create the sad rainbow, they used colours that are cool and for a happy rainbow they used warm colours. They then created self portraits using colours to show how they were feeling: yellow for happy, blue for sad, green for envy, red for love or anger and purple for excited.

Creation Art project