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This October we were really lucky to have had Key Strings Live Musical Education in school for an afternoon of music, fun and learning! Both Key Sage 1 and 2 took part in a Multi-Cultural Journey Through Time.


We had the Tardis at the ready as we journeyed back in time and around the world to explore the effects of time, style and culture upon our modern world of music. On our journey we discovered the very rare Rebec, the earliest form of Violin and we travelled the world to see instruments like the Indian Citar, the Chinese Violin (Erhu), the Banjo and Mandolin. In experiencing music from around the world and back in time we saw a world of music that exists beyond what we may believe to be “Classical” music.


The children all had a wonderful time and were introduced to many new instruments, it was a great success!

At St Joseph's we enjoy combining our faith and worship with music and often join Dan and Emily from One Life Music. This October we were extremely lucky to be able to welcome them to our school for a joyful, prayerful, song filled day finding out more about ‘The God who Speaks’.