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Pupil Voice

Children at St Joseph's thoroughly enjoy Talk for Writing. This is what they had to say ....




‘The story map helps us to read the story well’ 


'We ask our teacher if we are stuck' 


'Green means good job' 





‘It helps my writing become better. We get to change parts of the story and add our own ideas’ 


'Green marking means good, pink means to think' 


'I like the story maps because we get to add actions to it'


'We use sound mats to help us with our writing' 




‘We are able to magpie words to use in our own writing’


‘Story maps help us to get ideas for our own stories. We sometimes do it as a whole class or in groups’


‘I have enjoyed editing and making changes to my writing’


‘Having a model text helps us to understand how to set our work out, it gives us an idea of vocabulary we can use in our own version’ 


'If we are unsure, we use the displays and writing toolkits to help us'