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About us

Central Coaching and Sports Academy are a team of professional, qualified and enthusiastic sports coaches who provide high-quality, progressive and inclusive programmes of sport, dance and gymnastics to schools and communities across the UK. Our ultimate mission is to improve children’s and young adult’s lives through sport and physical activity.

Our extra-curricular activities are accredited with the Birmingham Children’s University , in order to help raise aspirations and self confidence amongst the children who engage in our programmes of sport dance and gymnastics. We give your child the opportunity to participate in a year-round diverse sporting calendar, from football and dodgeball to circus skills and adventure activities!

Our after school activities not only teach children new skills and techniques, but also focus on our five core values. These clubs can take place as part of breakfast, lunchtime and after-school activities, which are all affordable and varied to include as many children as possible.

Whole company objectives

In order for us as a company to fulfill our role as coach, teacher and role model to children and young adults, we adhere to the following key company objectives:

• Provide the children of schools and local communities with an 
  opportunity to enhance their social and life skills through sport 
• Encourage a healthy and active lifestyle to improve behavior, 
  concentration and academic success 
• Deliver enjoyable, structured and well-planned activities for all 
• Provide a safe, enthusiastic and friendly environment in which 
  to learn 
• Monitor and evaluate success and provide feedback in order to 
• Work alongside teachers and community figures to instill core 
  values amongst children and young adults 
• Provide a continual, professional development plan for all 
  coaches in order to keep programmes interesting and innovative 
• Ensure the safety and welfare of all children and young adults 
  within our care

Central Coaching and Sports Academy are also committed to providing safe, enjoyable and exciting school holiday camps to ensure a stress free solution for parents and maximum fun time for children!

We distinguish ourselves from other sports providers due to our reliability and quality of service. Not only do we provide sports coaching, we also assume the role of a teacher in a school environment to ensure children are receiving high-quality provision across all four areas of National Curriculum PE