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Summer 2

Our Learning in Summer 2

Writing – In English this term, we will continue looking at persuasive writing and writing a brochure persuading someone to go on our residential to Whitemoor Lakes. We are also reading 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. We will be writing a diary entry and a flashback story.  The children will spend 2 weeks on each unit of work and will have a piece of writing for each genre.


Guided Reading –  In Guided Reading, we are studying the book 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. We will be looking at characters and themes in the book but also answering comprehension questions based on these using our VIPERS scheme. We will use these skills in VIPERS:








Religious Education (R.E.) – In RE, we will be looking at Belonging in the Church Community and  Celebrating the Life of Mary & the Saints.  They will be looking at the parish, the hierarchy in the church and the role and symbols of the archbishop. We will also be looking at Confirmation preparation for the children who are taking their confirmation this year. 


Maths – In Maths we are focusing on negative numbers, translation, position of shapes and co-ordinates. We will also be completing lots of maths puzzles and problems, applying our maths skills to everyday things. 


History - In History, we are looking at WW2 and how this war began. We will also be looking at the local history in Walsall


In this unit, we will be learning:

  1. Introduction to WW2
  2. WW2 timeline of Walsall
  3. Evacuation and Walsall
  4. Manufacturing maps of Walsall
  5. Blitz and air raids on Walsall
  6. End of War and VE day celebrations



Science – In Science, the children will be learning about Electricity.


In this unit, we will be learning:

  1. Recap electricity and circuits
  2. The history of electricity
  3. Electrical symbols and draw circuits
  4. Brightness of bulbs investigation
  5. Scientist – Nikola Tesla



ComputingIn Computing this half term, children will be looking at Programming B - Sensing movement.

This unit is the final KS2 programming unit and brings together elements of all the four programming constructs: sequence from Year 3, repetition from Year 4, selection from Year 5, and variables (introduced in Year 6 – ‘Programming A’). It offers pupils the opportunity to use all of these constructs in a different, but still familiar environment, while also utilising a physical device — the micro:bit. The unit begins with a simple program for pupils to build in and test within the new programming environment, before transferring it to their micro:bit. Pupils then take on three new projects in Lessons 2, 3, and 4, with each lesson adding more depth.


French – In French this term, the children will be learning:


  • preparing a presentation about holiday plans
  • cultural information
  • food
  • climate
  • festivals, songs, dances and music. 
  • performing a presentation to an audience 


Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) – In PSHE this half term, the children will be following the Life to the Full scheme. They will be completing the following units:


  • LTTF: Created to live in Community –  
  • Religious Understanding   
  • LTTF: Created to love others – Living in the wider world   

British Values   



Music – In music this half term, the children will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of live music performance, in and out of school. Musicians from Year 6 will experience performing as part of an area band at raising confidence and self-esteem.  



Physical Education (P.E.) – In PE this half term, the children will be focusing on Athletics and Rounders. They will be learning rules, key skills and working well in a team. They will also be preparing for Sports Day activities.