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Year 4

Science in Year 4

Year 4 have been learning all about insulators and conductors of electricity. They investigated with different materials in a circuit to test whether the bulb would light up.

This afternoon, Year 4 have been exploring how to make sounds louder and softer. We used a variety of percussion instruments to see how more and less energy affects the volume.

Year 4 had a brilliant morning participating in a sound workshop with Dan from School of Noise. They experienced lots of different types of sound, ways of making sound and experienced how we hear sounds. They learnt lots of facts ready to design posters back in class. In groups, they got to experiment with Foley sounds, which is how sound makers on films create all the effects we hear as we watch TV or listen to clips. This part was especially interesting as they got to see how everyday objects, when recorded, can become sounds like fire or walking on snow. Finally, as a class, they made lots of different noises with their bodies, such as clapping, which were then recorded, put together and made into a piece of music. Year 4 learnt so much in this workshop and really enjoyed it.

Year 4 made switches for their circuits in their Science lesson

Year4 completed a sinking and floating experiment

Making Electrical Circuits

Investigation - what makes teeth decay the most?

Labelling Digestive Systems

Science Investigation - Making String Telephones

Water Workshop - The Water Cycle

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