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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a national program used to assist in the improvement of pupils' reading abilities and their comprehension of what they read. Accelerated Reader provides pupils with thousands of book choices (and quizzes) to meet their individual reading needs. Statistics show that the more a child reads, the higher his/her performance is in all subject areas.


This program uses a computer-based vocabulary test called the STAR test that adjusts while the pupil is taking the test to her/his individual reading level. Pupils complete this testing each half term.


Please note that the goal is for each pupil to score 85% or higher on the Reading Practice quiz. If you score lower than this you may want to consider choosing a book in the lower end of your range.


If you have questions, please see your child’s class teacher. 


Finding Books 

Your child will be able to choose from a large selection of Accelerated Reader books in school but if you wish to search for a book at home please follow the steps below:

1. Log on to If asked, click on who you are and then click Submit.

2. Click the Advanced Search tab.

3. Fill in the Interest Level, Book Level (use your individualized Range your teacher has provided)  and any other options you prefer. Or, search for a particular book to see if it falls in your reading range. Click Go.

4. You will be given a large list of book choices.


Taking Quizzes

After reading the book you will take an online comprehension quiz - this can only be done at school.


1. Log on to This is St. Joseph’s unique site for quiz and test assessments. You may want to Bookmark it.

2. Click Student.

3. Type in your User Name and Password information and click the Log In button. (See your planner for your user name and password information.)

4. Under the Accelerated Reader tab click Take a Quiz.

5. Choose Take a Reading Practice Quiz.

6. Type in your book information and click Search.

7. Click on your book title.

8. Answer the questions and take your quiz! Note: If you did not receive a score of 70% or above for a Reading Practice quiz you must read another book and take another quiz. You should, however, choose a book from the lower end of your range.