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Expressive Arts & Design

Thursday 2nd May, 2023

🐝 Bubblewrap beehives 🐝

Today, we have been painting beehives by using yellow paint, bubble wrap and rollers.

We used the rollers to roll the yellow paint on the bubblewrap onto the picture of the beehive.

Thursday 25th April, 2024

🐞 Ladybird painting 🐞

Today, we have been painting ladybirds by using a circular sponge to paint the red body and our fingers to paint the black dots. 

Thursday 18th April, 2024 

🪱 Wriggle like a worm dancing and Butterfly painting 🦋

Today as part of our expressive arts and design lesson, we did some bug themed dancing. We wriggled like a worm, curled like a caterpillar and fluttered like a butterfly. 

We also painted and decorated some butterfly pictures, we used sequins, feathers and our favourite decoration… GLITTER! 


Thursday 11th April, 2024

🐌 CD snails 🐌

Today, we have been experimenting with different materials to create a snail. 
We used: 

🐌 Old CD’s

🐌 Buttons

🐌 Sequins 

🐌 Feathers

🐌 Foam Shapes

When we were finished we hung them up on the washing line in the classroom to shine in the sunlight.