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Homework expectations for Nursery.



We will send home a reading book (these will be changed weekly on a Monday) We ask that you read with your child daily, talking about the pictures in the book and retell the story they make.


We will also send a home reader. 

These are for you to read with your child and develop an enjoyment and excitement for reading. You can change these books whenever you are ready too.                                                     

Morning parents: when you drop your child off, there is a bookcase in the cloakroom, this is where the home readers are kept, please, return and collect a new one when you need too.                          

Afternoon parents: At the end of the day, I will bring a selection of books up to the gate and if you need to change your book then, you will be able to. However, if it is easier, please put a note in the planner to say your child’s book needs changing and we can do that for you.


Parent Focus

Each week on the parent focus, you will find the following, you can talk about these with your child each week.

  • Number of the week 
  • Book of the week 
  • Words of the week