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Summer 1

Our Learning in Summer 1


In English this term, we are studying the text' Egyptian Cinderella'.

We will be writing :

A fairy tale setting description

The children will be writing a first person description through the character’s eyes.


Guided Reading

In Guided Reading, we are studying the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We will be looking at characters and themes in the book but also answering comprehension questions based on these using our VIPERS scheme. We will use these skills in VIPERS:









Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar 

This term, we will be looking at Grammar Practice.


Week 1 -Prepositions

Week 2 – Prefixes: re-, sub-, inter-

Week 3 – Suffixes beginning with Vowels

Week 4 – Time Conjunctions

Week 5 – Paragraphs


We will have a spelling test on a Friday.


In Maths, we are focusing on Fractions. In this unit, the children will spend an extended period exploring and working with fractions. They will be exploring fractions in greater depth than in the previous curriculum. We will begin the chapter by counting in tenths and then understanding fractions as division. The children will move on to finding fractions of whole numbers as part of a set and looking at sharing 1 and more than 1.We will explore equivalent fractions and look at simplifying fractions before comparing fractions with different denominators. The children will be adding and subtracting fractions. We will complete this unit by applying our knowledge to solve word problems.

Mental Maths -

This half term, we will focus on:


 •           Fractions           

•            Adding and subtracting fractions                           

•            Measurements


Mental maths will be taught through the use of mental maths sessions, daily use of Freckle and ‘Starter Question’ sessions where the children will focus on arithmetic style questions.

Rapid recall of their tables 3,4,5,6,7 & 8


Religious Education (R.E.)

In RE, the children will explore the Story of Easter through the Story of Emmaus and the Story of Breakfast at the Shore. It is designed to help the children realise how the Apostles became aware of the presence of the Risen Christ in these events.


In history, we will be studying Ancient Civilisations. Our focus will be Ancient Egypt.

The children will learn:

1.           Ancient Civilisations and seven Ancient      Wonders of the World.

2.           Ancient Egyptian rulers & King Tutankhamun.

3.           Ancient Egyptian society.

4.           River Nile, travel and trade.

5.           Pyramid legacy

6.           Ancient Egyptian beliefs.



In Science, we will be looking at Light and Dark. The children will learning:

  1. What is light?
  2. How can we see objects?
  3. What is the difference between night and day?
  4. Which materials are reflective?
  5. How are shadows formed?


In Geography this half term, the children will be focusing on Europe as well as North America.

The children will identify Europe on a world map and some countries in Europe. The will learn the different physical and human features of Europe.

The children will also learn the countries of North America. They will learn North America’s parts of Np most important human characteristics. They will study the climate of different parts of North America.




This term, we are looking Branching Database.

The children will develop their understanding of what a branching database is and how to create one. They will use yes/no questions to gain an understanding of what attributes are and how to use them to sort groups of objects. Learners will create physical and on-screen branching databases. To conclude the unit, they will create an identification tool using a branching database, which they will test by using it. They will also consider real-world applications for branching databases.


Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) 

In PSHE this half term, the children will be following the Life to the Full scheme.

Children can explain:

•That their increasing independence brings increased responsibility to keep themselves and others safe

•How to use technology safely

•That just as what we eat can make us healthy or make us ill, so what we watch, hear, say or do can be good or bad for us and others

•How to report and get help if they encounter inappropriate materials or messages

•How to use technology safely

•That bad language and bad behaviour are inappropriate

•That just as what we eat can make us healthy or make us ill, so what we watch, hear, say or do can be good or bad for us and others


Physical Education (P.E.) 

In PE this half term, the children will be focusing on Cricket and Tag Rugby. They will learn the importance of playing in team games and the skills required for each sport.  



In Music this half term,

Classes will prepare a repertoire of pieces for the London College Examination and assessment. Harmonies will be introduced to previously taught repertoire and children encouraged to challenge themselves to achieve the best possible performance.



In French this half term, the children will be focusing on French Playground Games:

The children will count in French from one to twelve, recognise the written number words, ask how old someone is and answer the same question, comparing sentence structures in French and English, and practising all the vocabulary by playing counting and some traditional French games.