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Spring 2

Guided Reading –  In Guided Reading, we are studying the book 'Wonder'. We will be looking at characters and themes in the book but also answering comprehension questions based on these using our VIPERS scheme. We will use these skills in VIPERS:










Writing – In English this term, we are studying 'Wonder'. We will be writing a balanced argument about whether children should be home-schooled and a complaint letter based on August's school tour. The children will spend 2 weeks on each unit of work and will have a piece of writing for each genre. 


Religious Education (R.E.) – In RE, we will be looking at Lent and Holy Week. We will be focusing on the actions and true meaning of Lent and looking in detail at the events of Holy Week. We will focus on Jesus' suffering the in the Garden of Gethsemane, the true meaning of the word sacrifice and symbols to represent Holy week.


Maths – In Maths we are focusing on Area and Perimeter, Geometry and Position and Movement. Children will also continue to practise their arithmetic skills by using 'Hot Brain' in every maths lesson, with a focus on times tables, addition and subtraction, etc. It is important that the children know all of their times tables as this will help them in all lessons.


 Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar – This term, we will be looking at Grammar Practice.


 Week 1 – explore the four types of sentence - statement, command, exclamation and question.

 Week 2 – explore prepositions

 Week 3 – explore prepositions further

 Week 4 – explore modal verbs

 Week 5 – revision





 We will have a spelling test on a Friday.

 The spellings for each week will be glued in your child’s planner at the start of each term:

  Week 1 - words ending in  -cial

 Week 2 - words ending in  -tial

 Week 3 - words with a soft 'c'

 Week 4 - word families based on common words

 Week 5 - word families based on common words


Geography - In Geography, we will start to look at Globalisation. We will look at what globalisation is, how globalisation affects different countries, looking at how shipping containers help the transport of goods and whether the internet has helped or hindered trade and globalisation.


Science – In Science, we will be looking at Diet and Lifestyle. The children will be looking at what makes a healthy lifestyle, why different people need different lifestyles and the effect exercise has on the muscles. We will also be looking at the circulatory system and the effect drugs, nicotine and alcohol has on our bodies.


ComputingThis term, we are looking at Data and information - Introduction to Spreadsheets


This unit introduces the learners to spreadsheets. They will be supported in organising data into columns and rows to create their own data set. Learners will be taught the importance of formatting data to support calculations, while also being introduced to formulas and will begin to understand how they can be used to produce calculated data. Learners will be taught how to apply formulas that include a range of cells, and apply formulas to multiple cells by duplicating them. Learners will use spreadsheets to plan an event and answer questions. Finally, learners will create charts, and evaluate their results in comparison to questions asked.



French – In French this half term, the children will be focusing on the following topics:


  • Recap Prepositions 
  • Requests 
  • Furniture 


Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) –

The children will learn about God’s design for creating new life through an understanding of menstruation, fertility, conception, foetal development in the womb and childbirth. They will also develop their Religious Understanding exploring the nature of God’s call to love others. The children will study and reflect imaginatively on the story of Zacchaeus’ conversion and explore ways in which they can hear God’s call in their lives and learn about coping with pressure and being able to identify it in its many guises. The children will use role play to explore scenarios to gain deeper understanding.


MusicIn Music this half term, the children will be focusing on composition using a full range of chromatic notes taught for the first time. Structure will be relaxed, giving the student more freedom to express music ideas and influences.  


Physical Education (P.E.) – In PE this half term, the children will be focusing on Tennis and Volleyball. They will learn the importance of playing in team games and the skills required for each sport.