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Year 1

In Year 1 , the children will study:


Spring 2 - Design a house for the 3 little pigs - The children will read the story of the 3 little pigs and use this as their inspiration for their DT work. The children will design a house for the 3 little pigs, looking at textiles and materials in particular. Once they have chosen their final design, using many recycled materials such as cereal boxes, bottle lids, tissue paper, etc, the children will make a house for the 3 little pigs! 


Summer 2 -  Fabulous Fruit Salads - As part of their cooking and nutrition, the children will be making a fabulous fruit salad, suitable for their teddy bear's picnic. The children will be learning about where our food comes from ,matching the food to its source. They will also think about what a healthy meal looks like and design a nutritious lunch box. The children will then have a tasting session, tasting and evaluating a variety of different fresh fruits and deciding which fruits they would like to include in their fruit salad. From this, the children will design their fruit salad, make a fruit salad to take home and then evaluate it after. 

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