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Summer 2

This half term our theme is Under the Sea. We will have a focus on the coast and oceans. We will explore which animals are suited to live in the oceans as well as exploring issues such as ocean pollution . We will think about how we can look after the world around us and the impact humans have. We will also have an overview of the seasonal changes around us as we head into Summer.


Children will have lots of opportunities to explore the properties of water and finding out what sinks and floats.


As part of our topic we will engage with role play activities in our under the sea area. Some of our expressive arts and design activities this term will be linked to the sea. We will make ocean sensory bottles. We will use junk to model sea creatures. Children will also be building boats that float.


We are lucky to be able to go to the SeaLife centre in Birmingham this half term!

Our Talk for Writing texts this half term are 'Sharing a Shell' and 'Rainbow Fish'.


Children will be learning to listen, respond and join in with actions to retell the story. They will answer questions about the text and characters, take part in role play and learn to make their own story maps.


Children will also be writing about the stories using simple sentences as well as writing their own stories. They will also be making lists, labels and invitations.

In maths we will be securing all that we have learnt this year to be confident with working with numbers to at least 10. We will know how to add and subtract as well as number facts.


Children will recap odd and even numbers, how to double and halve with different objects, shapes and numbers.


We will also cover mass, volume and capacity, data and money over this half term as well as solving problems involving different strategies.


In PE this half term children will be working on their skills and building confidence by taking part in athletics with a particular focus on getting ready for sports day. Children will be learning to be kind and gracious and supportive of their peers.


In Music the children will be given the opportunity to use keyboards and ukuleles. They will be learning basic notes and developing better rhythm and listening skills.


In RE children will be learning about People Who Help Us. Children will learn about the work of the priest and will understand that the church building is a special place. We will identify some artefacts in the church and recall a few features from the celebration of Mass and they will be able to identify parts of stories of Jesus that show him helping other people.


We will also be learning about Prayer. They will know that prayer is an important form of communication with God and recall some forms of prayer and say why they are important. They will take part in some in prayer liturgies and write some prayers of praise and thanks.