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Understanding the world

Understanding the world supports children's learning and development with regard to their understanding of the world around them. This links to subjects such as History, Science and Geography. 


There are three elements for understanding the world:

- Past and Present

- People, Cultures and Communities 

- The Natural World

Thursday 18th January, 2024

Exploring ice

Today, Mrs Machin brought in our tuff tray from outside because it had frozen water inside it. We explored what happens to the ice when it warms up. 

The children were able to tell me that when it warms up it "melts" and when it is cold it "freezes"

We had a lot of fun smashing up the ice but now we are waiting for it all to melt.


Monday 15th January, 2024

🌨 Winter trees 🌨

We explored what happens to nature during the season of winter.
We found out that the leaves fall off the trees. It has also been a little bit snowy today so we talked about the sounds it made under our feet and how it feels. We said it feels crunchy and cold. Some of our toys outside were frozen. Our mud kitchen pots and pans had frozen water inside.