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Pupil voice

We asked some of our pupils what they thought of their PSHE lessons. They said ...


" I really like PSHE, it gives me a chance to learn about other people."


" I love learning about how different we all are."


" I loved Quo Vadis, especially the meditation session."


" I really like PSHE lessons. It's a chance to reflect and it has helped me learn more about myself."


" I like how it links to what we learn about in RE"


"I really liked having my own Quo Vadis booklet"


"It's good to learn about my body"


"Online safety is really important to keep us safe online."


" It is important because we learn how to keep ourselves safe - like walking and crossing the road safely and what to do if there's a fire at home."


"First aid is really important so that we know what to do if we find ourselves in a situation where we could help someone."


First aid is really important; one day you might be there when someone is in a life threatening situation and you could save their life."


" I enjoyed learning first aid, especially doing things like putting someone in the recovery position. It was good to try it out on each other so we know what to do."