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Our Maths Learning

Tuesday 21st May, 2024


We can complete patterns. 

Thursday 16th May, 2024

Counting parent workshop

Today we have had our parents come into school to do some fun activities with us.

We have practiced our number formation in paint, played building block games, played outside identifying numicon in the sand and counting elephants in the water tray. We also practiced our learning on capacity. 

Tuesday 14th May, 2024


We have been learning about capacity. We did a practical lesson on which glass was 

Full, Half Full, Empty.

Friday 10th May, 2024

Ordering numbers

We can order our numbers in sequence up to 5.

Tuesday 23rd April, 2024

Spatial awareness - Tangram puzzles 

We were able to complete a variety of puzzles independently. 
In a small group, we were able to complete tangram puzzles. We found the correct shapes to complete the image on the sheet. 

Friday 12th April, 2024

Where going on a bug hunt 🐛

In Maths today, we have been learning about tally’s.
We went on a big hunt to see how many bugs we could find. 

We found a lot of ants, worms and wood louse.