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French curriculum progression grid

Bonjour! Madame Jordan here. 

I am an independent French Teacher and fully qualified licensee of “La Jolie Ronde Ltd” – a centre of excellence for language learning established in 1983 and winner of multiple awards, including for the 5th consecutive year, “2018 Best National Activity for Children aged 5-12 years old”.  


Written by experts, the resources and methodology have been tried and tested for over 30 years. With continual updates to keep abreast of changes, La Jolie Ronde resources and methodology have a proven track record of successful language learning.   


La Jolie Ronde is a unique centre not only for learning a second language but also a platform for introducing children between the ages of 0 -12 years old to the everyday culture, customs and geography of the foreign language they are learning. Children gain a fantastic interactive opportunity to understand the French culture as they learn.  


My passion as a French teacher is to help the children of this age group [KS1 & KS2] embrace and enjoy the French language as a modern foreign language without fear. They learn in a pressure-free environment where the emphasis is on learning through fun. Research has shown that a child’s early years is the best time to learn new language skills. Not only does it equip their brains with language-learning tools but it also helps to develop their social, communication and even problem-solving skills.   


Using the La Jolie Ronde Scheme Of Work, the children benefit from a structured & progressive programme with the opportunity to excel and enjoy a fun and positive approach to understanding a new language. The programme commences with a focus on oral and aural learning, encouraging the children to become accustomed to listening, and over time as they experience additional language learning techniques they will begin to read and write the language independently. 


I have been teaching French in primary schools for five years and I have seen the above to be the exact case.  

Here are some of the subject areas that we learn:

  • Ø  Les nombres [numbers]
  • Ø  L’alphabet français [French alphabet]
  • Les salutations [greetings & responses]
  • Les couleurs [colours]
  • Les noms et adjectifs [nouns and adjectives]
  • Ø  Les jours de la semaine et les mois de l’année [days and months]
  • Ø  Des animaux [animals]
  • Ø  Les habits [clothes]
  • Ø  La nourriture et des courses [food and shopping]
  • Ø  Le corps [parts of the body]
  • Ø  L’heure [time]
  • Ø  Le temps et les saisons [weather & seasons]

Les vacances et des fêtes [holidays and celebrations] .......