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Live sustainably with creation

Our Action Plan

Main action:

1. We will develop areas of our school grounds to encourage wildlife so that children can become more aware of God’s creation. Inspired by CAFOD’s Laudato Si resources, the children will plant a wildflower meadow and create bug hotels to provide habitats for insects, they will also install bird houses and make bird feeders. We will also create a vegetable patch to grow and eat fresh food and set up a stall to sell produce to parents at the end of the school day; with the proceeds used to buy more seeds for planting.  We will carry out a litter pick in the school grounds and local area to help keep wildlife in the area safe.  Our Key Stage 2 classes will play the CAFOD ‘Climate Change Game’ to learn about climate issues around the world.

Other actions:

2. We will set up a CAFOD club at our school. The club will be responsible for researching and implementing eco actions such as reducing the use of paper and plastic, turning off lights and ICT equipment, closing doors to conserve heat, recycling, laminating when only necessary and encouraging classmates to cycle or scoot to school. They will use the Net zero animation ( to explain the reasons behind their actions to other pupils .The CAFOD club will introduce their club to the rest of the school using the CAFOD Clubs for primary schools | CAFOD resources.


3. We will use recycled materials in school to create art projects to reflect the beauty of God’s creation and will exhibit these for parents to see alongside posters and information about ways to care for creation.