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Year 3

In Year 3, the children will study: 


Summer 1 - Delicious Dips and Dippers - Children will learn about food seasonality and make a healthy eating plate. As part of their tasting session, children will taste different dips which are already available and evaluate how they taste. Children can then plan 3 different designs for their dips, choosing from different dippers such as breadsticks, carrots, cucumber, peppers, celery and pitta bread. Once children have picked and planned their final design, they will make a dips and dippers set, focusing on the presentation of their dippers and using tools to cut these appropriately. They can evaluate their work once they have tasted their yummy food! 



Summer 2 - Erupting Volcanoes -  To link with their Geography topic, the children are going to plan and design an erupting, working volcano. From researching different volcano types, the children will plan their final design and make it using cardboard, bottles, paint and different materials to harden their volcano. Once the volcanoes are designed and ready, the children will take them outside (it might get a bit messy) and see if they can make them explode using bicarbonate soda and vinegar! The children can then evaluate their work and see if their design worked or did it collapse under the liquid explosion!

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