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Homework - Summer Term

Here are some ideas and activities that you can do with your child to support their learning in school.



  • Reception children should read their library books and phonics book each day.
  • Practise their phonic sounds with them using the little green/yellow book and any phonics sheets that are sent home.
  • Read our Talk for Writing books together - The Gruffalo, What the Ladybird Heard
  • Play a phonics game from the websites given (Useful website links)
  • Go to the library to find books that match our topic 'Habitats'.



  • Recognising numbers around the local area 
  • Writing numbers in different media such as sand, shaving foam or in chalk outside
  • Recognising amounts without counting (dice games/dominoes) etc
  • Adding two sets of toys/ sweets etc by counting altogether and then to be able to add by counting on.
  • Counting backwards from 10 or even 20
  • Practise doubling/ halving and sharing by playing games.
  • Play a board game such as snakes and ladders
  • Cooking - bring attention to reading instructions in order and weighing ingredients 


Topic - Habitats

  • Go on a nature walk - what can you see? Hear? smell?
  • Make different types of habitat in a shoe box
  • Look at google earth to be able to see different places and compare them to where we live
  • Find insects in your garden using a magnifying glass.
  • Make an animal footprint trap to see what animals live in your local area
  • Feed birds in your garden
  • Make a bug hotel