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Year 2

Science in Year 2

2023 - 2024

In Science, we have learnt that we can separate mixtures using a sieve, a magnet or our hands. 👩‍🔬✋ Year 2 carried out an investigation to see which method works best with different mixtures. We found out that we can use a magnet or our hands to separate wooden sticks and paperclips but using a magnet was much quicker! Fantastic work Year 2!

Today in Science, Year 2 carried out an investigation to find out which materials were absorbent and which were waterproof. 🔍💧 We discovered that the cotton wool was the most absorbent as it soaked up all the water. 🤩

2022 - 2023

In Science, Year 2 learnt about Rachel Carson, a scientist who studied the ocean. She found out that pesticides from the farms were being washed into the oceans and harming the animals. We carried out an experiment to show how this happens.

In our Science lesson this week, children enjoyed sitting in the school garden in the sunshine to sketch some of the plants and trees.

In Science, Year 2 are conducting an experiment to find out whether cress grows best in warm or cold conditions. Children made their own cress bags and we will be observing over the next few days to see what happens.

Year 2 have been learning about micro habitats in Science. This afternoon we create some of our own micro habitats for the insects in our school grounds to live in. 🐝🐞🕷

In Science year 2 investigated how we can separate different mixtures using a magnet, a sieve or our hands.

Year 2 conducted an experiment to find out which substances were soluble and insoluble. We concluded that salt is soluble because it dissolved in the water. The rice stayed in the water after it was stirred so it is insoluble.

In science, Year 2 did an experiment to find out which mixture made the best bubbles. We found out that the hand soap made the most bubbles and the washing up liquid made the least. These results surprised us!!

In our science lesson today, we were exploring solids liquids and gases. Children pretended to be particles and showed how the particles are different in a solid, liquid and gas.

2021 - 2022

In Science today, the children made 'greenhouses' for their cress seed to see how well they can grow. They will observe these over the next few weeks and see what happens!

In Science today, Year 2 conducted an experiment called 'Cloud in a jar'. As the 'clouds' fill up, more 'rain' makes its way through the cloud and drops into the water underneath in the jar. They also looked at the water cycle and why rain is important for our planet.

In Science, Year 2 learnt about the scientist, Louis Pasteur. We used glitter to investigate how germs spread and then talked about the importance of washing our hands.

Today in Science, Year 2 learnt about the scientist, Rachel Carson. We know that she studied the oceans and the environment. We did an experiment to discover how chemicals from farms are washing into our oceans and harming the creatures.

Year 2 learnt about the different parts of plants and trees. They went outside to make observations and record their findings.

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