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Year 2

Science in Year 2

In Science today, the children made 'greenhouses' for their cress seed to see how well they can grow. They will observe these over the next few weeks and see what happens!

In Science today, Year 2 conducted an experiment called 'Cloud in a jar'. As the 'clouds' fill up, more 'rain' makes its way through the cloud and drops into the water underneath in the jar. They also looked at the water cycle and why rain is important for our planet.

In Science, Year 2 learnt about the scientist, Louis Pasteur. We used glitter to investigate how germs spread and then talked about the importance of washing our hands.

Today in Science, Year 2 learnt about the scientist, Rachel Carson. We know that she studied the oceans and the environment. We did an experiment to discover how chemicals from farms are washing into our oceans and harming the creatures.

Year 2 learnt about the different parts of plants and trees. They went outside to make observations and record their findings.

Fruit Tasting in Science

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