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Photographs of our learning

The Geography displays in our classrooms help us with our learning. There are lots of lovely new books for us to read so that we can find out more information about the theme we are learning about.

Year Two have been learning about the population of the world and where people live. The children located the different continents using an atlas and discussed which places have a high and low population.

 Year 5 have been learning more about the importance of fieldwork. They have been focussing on our local area and conducted a traffic survey outside the school.

Year 5 have been learning about fieldwork and mapping skills. They have been creating their own sketch maps of the local area.

Year Two learning about animals from different places around the world at West Midlands Safari Park

Learning about rivers by making our own outside on the playground.

Years 1 -6 all spent time in the 'Environment Dome' learning about rainforests, food webs, animal adaptation, extinction and the effects of climate change. They had a fantastic day learning about the importance of looking after our world in a fun way.

We may not be always be able to visit all the places we are learning about in Geography but our pupils in our Key Stage Two classes had a fantastic Virtual Reality experience, thanks to Prime VR. Year 4 & 5 visited the Wonders of the World and Year 6 saw the impact of climate change around the world. In the words of Year 6, 'It was AMAZING!'