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Spring 2

Our Spring 2 topics are 'Spring' and 'Easter'

RE - We following 'Learning & Growing as the People of God 


  • Lent - Jesus & his Father 
  • Holy Week



In Literacy we will look at the following texts: 




  • Show finger numbers' up


Number Patterns 

  • Extend and create ABAB patterns-stick, leaf, stick


Shape, Space and Measure 

  • Select shapes appropriate flat surfaces for building, a triangular prism for a roof etc.
  • Measure - longer shorter and lighter and heavier

Understanding the World 


The Natural World 

  • Show care for living things
  • Talk about observations of nature – plants, animals, natural found objects
  • Understand growth and decay over time
  • Notice changes in the seasons


People, Cultures and Communities 

  • Discuss special events and celebrations in their own family.
  • Know some things that makes them unique.
  • Talk about similarities and differences between their lives and the lives of others.



We will be following the Ten Ten Programme of Study.

Expressive Arts & Design 


Creating with Materials


Being Imaginative and Expressive

  • Role Play Area - Garden Centre
  • Actions to our story texts 
  • Nursery Rhymes & Songs

- 5 little bunnies

- Mary had a little lamb

- This little piggy

- Little Bo Peep

- Pitter Patter raindrops

- 5 little ducks

- Hot cross buns