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Our maths learning

Tuesday 6th February, 2024

Recognising colour 🌈

We have been learning our colours. 
We were able to match the correct colour ice cream to the cones. 

We were also able to match the crayon to the colour on the page in our books. 

Friday 19th January, 2024

Many or Fewer 

We can compare amounts. 
We could find the bag of buttons that had many buttons in and which one had fewer. 

Tuesday 16th January, 2024

Counting to 5

We can count to 5 in order and match the correct amount to the number.  

Friday 12th January, 2024 

Recognising number 4 

We can recognise number 4 in nursery. 
We were able to count the teddy bears and have a go at writing number 4.