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Live Simply

Our Action Plan

1. We will develop our prayer garden in the grounds of the school so that children can spend time in reflection and prayer, both as a class or individually during playtime and lunchtimes. The children will be involved in the design of the garden. Children from Year Six, Year One and the CAFOD club will also be involved in the construction of the garden. Each class will hold a collective worship outdoors using CAFOD’s Collective worship. Each class will hold a collective worship outdoors using CAFOD’s pupil-led collective worship resources to help children create ‘Going Forth’ tasks linked living simply, caring for their environment and praying for our common home. We will invite our families and members of our local parish to come and join us for some times of outdoor prayer.


2. Inspired by CAFOD’s Laudato Si’ resources children and staff will create LiveSimply Pledges to display around the prayer garden. Other live simply pledges will be displayed in the parish church to encourage the participation of the parishioners and promote ways to live simply.


3. We will include Livesimply ideas in our school newsletter and on our Facebook page and set up a new section of the school website to promote ways to LiveSimply and share our progress towards the award. The children from the CAFOD Club will choose the ideas which will be shared on Facebook and the school website regarding our progress.


4. We will share the daily actions from CAFOD’s calendars during Advent and Lent and say the Live Simply Prayers for KS1 & KS2 in our classrooms.