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Year 2

In Year 2, the children will study:


Spring 2 - Design a Royal Crown - As the children are studying monarchies in their history lessons, the children are making cross-curricular links with their DT lessons and making crowns fit for a King or Queen! The children will begin the study by looking at different crowns from the past and discussing which ones they like and why. From this, the children will then plan 3 of their own designs and choose one of these for their final plan. Once they have their final plan, the children will make their royal crown, focusing on materials used and ensuring that the crown is fit for its purpose. The children will complete evaluations about their work once their project is completed. 


Summer 1 - Sensational Salads - As part of their cooking and nutrition lessons, the children will make a healthy garden salad, using some of the vegetables that we have grown in school! The children will firstly learn where fruit and vegetables come from and then create a healthy meal. Children will have the opportunity to taste different vegetables in their tasting lesson and will decide which vegetables they want to include in their salad. Using a range of equipment such as chopping board, graters and peelers, children will make their own vegetable salads to take home and eat! They will evaluate their salads once they have eaten them. 

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