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Nonsense Words

Nonsense Words


Nonsense word fluency measures a child's ability to decode individual phonemes and then blend them together to read. They're an indicator of a child's progress in acquiring early alphabetic principle skills. By using nonsense words, we can find out whether a child knows the most common sound for letters (letter–sound correspondence), and whether a child can blend the sounds to read words they have never seen before.


Your child will be practising reading these words to help develop their blending and decoding fluency in class. 


You will find below examples of nonsense words for each set of sounds we follow in our RWI lessons. 


Please practise them as often as you like, for short sharp bursts but don't try to write them - they are purely for reading purposes.

Nonsense Words - Set 1 Sounds

Nonsense Words - Set 2 Sounds

Nonsense Words - Set 3 Sounds