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Photographs of our learning

In their PSHE lessons during Anti Bullying Week , Year Two wrote 'One Kind Word' on the back of their kindness friend chain and made them both unique. Well done Year Two! ☺️

At the start of Anti-bullying week, the children came to school in their odd socks. During assembly we used our socks to remind ourselves that we are all unique and that it is good to be different. We also started a ripple of kindness using our kind words. Bullying is never okay! In our classes we will learn more about different types of bullying and make sure we all know what to do if bullying happens to us or someone we know.

Our children in Early Years had lots of fun learning about the Sikh and Hindu festival of light:Diwali. They spent the day dancing, dressing up, making Rangoli patterns with chalk, having Mehndi patterns drawn on their hands, making diva lamps out of clay and trying some tasty Indian food. They had a wonderful day!

In Year 6, our pupils learn basic First Aid - a fantastic opportunity to develop the skills that could one day save someone’s life. They learned how to respond in an emergency, put someone into the recovery position, deal with a choking incident, administer an epi-pen, respond to an asthma attack and administer CPR.

Our Year 5 pupils are able to complete Bikeability Level 1 to show they can control their bikes safely and our Year 6 pupils can complete Bikeability Level 2 to make sure they know how to ride their bikes safely on the road.

We learn about the importance of healthy food choices and are encouraged to taste a variety of fruit and vegetables.