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Summer 2

Our Summer 2 topics are 'Pirates' and 'Summer'

RE - We follow 'Learning & Growing as the People of God'


  • God's Family
  • Special Celebrations


In Literacy we will look at the following texts:



In our Pirates topic we will cover the following: 

Number recognition up to 5

Naming and labelling, mark making/ symbols for number, numbers on buckets and spades to match count and order


Recite to at least 10

daily routines, counting songs, rhyme time, number blocks,

Children also need to be secure in counting back from at least 5


Counting in sequence

Eye spy summer counting activity, moving on to static counting.

Children at this stage need to be able to count with 1:1 correspondence by moving one object for each name then moving on to static counting.


Compare sizes 

Tall, short, long, large, bigger, smaller


In our Summer topic we will cover the following: 


fast recognition up to 5 exposing children to number throughout the day (signs/labels/pirate money/ numicon) modelling quick recognition


*Counting and number pattern

Counting up and back with number to and beyond 10 by rote. Counting gold coins, treasure chests, ten little pirates, Counting actions, sounds etc.

Children should be able to now count by moving objects to 3 knowing the end number is the total



sequencing events in the T4W text. Visual timetable yesterday/ today/ after/ next/



compare weight such as heavy, light, more, less Pirate treasure, sand in buckets

Past & Present

  • Develop an understanding of yesterday and tomorrow.
  • Begin to understand that some things happened a long time before they were born.


People, Culture & Communities

  • Discuss special events and celebrations in their own family.
  • Show an interest in the occupations and ways of life of others.


The Natural World

  • Show care for living things
  • Play with small world models of farms, trains, garages.
  • Talk about observations of nature – plants, animals, natural found objects.
  • Notice changes in the seasons.
  • Talk about why things happen and how things work.

Module 2
Created to Love Others 


Unit 4

Life Cycles 

Session 1

Growing Up



Unit 4

Life Cycles 

Session 3

New People, New Places 


Module 3 

Created to Live in Community 



Unit 1

Religious Understanding  

Session 1

God is Love



Unit 1

Religious Understanding  

Session 2

Loving God, Loving Others



Unit 2

Living in the Wider World  

Session 1

Me, You, Us


Unit 2

Living in the Wider World  

Session 2

When I Grow Up...



Unit 2

Living in the Wider World  

Session 3

'Money Doesn't Grow On Trees'


Creating with Material

  • Experiment with blocks, colours and mark making using a variety of materials.
  • Use lines to represent objects.
  • Begin to construct by stacking and making enclosures and creating spaces.
  • Join construction pieces together to build and balance.
  • Show an interest in different textures.


Being Imaginative and Expressive

  • Use representation to communicate – e.g. draw or paint a picture of themselves, make a model of a house.
  • Make believe by pretending.
  • Role play based on experience and building stories around toys
  • Join in with songs and begin to make up simple songs.
  • Create sounds by tapping, banging, shaking, blowing.
  • Show an interest in the sounds made by musical instruments.
  • Begin to move rhythmically.
  • Tap out simple rhythms.
  • Join in with dancing and ring games.
  • Role Play Area - Pirate Ship & Seaside Shop
  • Actions to our story texts 
  • Nursery Rhymes & Songs


Zoom, zoom, zoom

London Bridge is falling down

Teddy bear, teddy bear

The big ship sails

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

5 little men in a flying saucer