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Spring 1

Our Learning in Spring 1 - Year 6


Guided Reading In Guided Reading, we are studying the book 'Street Child'. We will be looking at characters and themes in the book but also answering comprehension questions based on these using our VIPERS scheme. Children will use their retrieval, inference, prediction, vocabulary and summarising skills within lessons.


Writing In English this term, we are studying 'Oliver Twist'. We will be rewriting the workhouse scene when Oliver asks for more food from the famous book by Charles Dickens. The children will need to focus on setting descriptions, setting the correct atmosphere, describing characters and using speech to move their story on. They will also be writing a set of instructions for 'How to be a good pick-pocket'. The children will use instructional devices and techniques.


Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar – This term, we will be looking at word level objectives.


Week 1 – explore the function of apostrophes

Week 2 – subject, verb, object

Week 3 – word association

Week 4 – function of a colon

Week 5 – function of a colon



We will have a spelling test on a Friday.

The spellings for each week will be glued in your child’s planner at the start of each term.

These are the different focuses for the spellings each week:

Week 1 – adding suffixed

Week 2 – words spelt ie or ei

Week 3 – words spelt ie or ei

Week 4 – word families based on common words

Week 5 – word families based on common words

Week 6 – statutory spelling challenge words


MathsIn Maths we are focusing on fractions and decimals. Later we will be looking at measurement word problems and percentages.  Children will also continue to practise their arithmetic skills by using 'Hot Brain' in every maths lesson, with a focus on times tables, addition and subtraction, etc. It is important that the children know all of their times tables as this will help them in all lessons.  


Religious Education (R.E.) – In RE, we will be looking at Christmas and Baptism and Confirmation. We will be focusing on the different parts of the act of Confirmation and Baptism, with the children acting out each Sacrament. Children will look at the signs and symbols for each sacrament and be able to discuss why these are important to Catholics.


History - In History this term, we will start to look at the Industrial Revolution and the Victorians. The children will learn about how the Industrial Revolution helped Britain and also the start of Queen Victoria's reign. The children will learn about the life of Queen Victoria, the differences between classes in Victorian Britain, jobs and food in the Victorian times and what schools were like for Victorian children.


Science In Science this half term, we will be looking and 'Evolution and Inheritance'. We will be looking at inherited traits we gain from our parents, variation within species and what adaptation and evolution are. We will learn about Charles Darwin and his work and also focusing on how fossils can help us today.


ComputingIn Computing this term, we will be focusing on Programming A – Variables in games

This unit explores the concept of variables in programming through games in Scratch. First, learners find out what variables are and relate them to real-world examples of values that can be set and changed. Then they use variables to create a simulation of a scoreboard. In Lessons 2, 3, and 5, which follow the Use-Modify-Create model, learners experiment with variables in an existing project, then modify them, before they create their own project. In Lesson 4, learners focus on design. Finally, in Lesson 6, learners apply their knowledge of variables and design to improve their games in Scratch.


Art / DTIn Art this half term, the children will be looking at sketching and how to use different sketching skills. Using their sketchbooks in the classroom, they will look at shading, shadows, tone and how to add detail to their sketches. They will have the opportunity to sketch a variety of items.


Physical Education (P.E.) – In PE this half term, the children will be focusing on Dance and Badminton. Children will need their PE kit in school on Wednesday and Fridays.


Music – In Music this half term, the children will be focusing on Traditional notation. This will be used for most pieces. Graphic scores will be made too and the difference/ applications discussed


Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)In PSHE this half term, the children will be following the Life to the Full scheme. They will be completing the following units:


  • LTTF: Loved by God -  Religious Understanding.  

  • LTTF: Loved by God - Me, My Body, My Health.  

  •  British Values.