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Spring 1

Thursday 8th February, 2024

🧧 Chinese new year - Dragon/lion Dance 🧧

In our expressive arts and design lesson, we have been learning how to Dragon/Lion dance.
These dances are traditional Chinese festival dances.

The lion dance is performed to bring prosperity, happiness and

good luck for the upcoming year. 

The dragon dance is performed during the festive occasions as a means to

chase away the evil spirits and to welcome in a prosperous new year.

Nursery Dragon Dance

Still image for this video

Tuesday 30th January, 2024

Friday 26th January, 2024

Fun learning this week

This week in nursery we have done a lot of fun learning. 
We have:

- Made igloos with paper plates and cotton wool

- Played in the ’snow‘and in the sand

- Drew with the chalks on the big paper 

Thursday 18th January, 2024


Ice ornaments

We talked about what the children thought would happen to the water if we left it outside on the cold. The children thought it would freeze because it was really cold. 


Thursday 11th January, 2024 

🎨 Ice Painting 🎨

Today, we have been painting with ice. 
Mrs Bamforth froze paint overnight for us to paint with.
When the paint ice melts it leaves paint on our paper.

This was so fun. We made our own pictures and one all together in the big tuff tray. 
We explored different colours, textures and we talked about what happens to water when it freezes and melts.  


We can’t wait to see how our pictures turn out. 

Wednesday 10th January, 2024

❄️ Winter fun ❄️
Today we went outside even though it was chilly. We wrapped up warm and wore our hats. 
We played with the bears in the snow, painted with snow paint (white paint with glitter in), played in the sand tray and practiced putting on scarves and gloves.

We had so much fun 😁

Tuesday 9th January, 2024 

Happy new year 🎉

Welcome back Nursery.
We have had a fun day back at school.
We were very brave coming back to nursery after our holidays

and we are looking forward to the year ahead.