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Spring 1- People who help us

This half term our theme is people who help us. We will have a focus on jobs in the community and especially those of community helpers and the emergency services. We are excited to have a visit this half term from nurses to measure our heights and weights as well as fire fighters!


As part of our topic we will engage with role play activities in order to develop our imagination and language. Some of our expressive arts and design activities this term will be linked to using colour for a purpose, mixing colours and making choices to improve our work. We will make helping hand paintings and portraits of people who help us.


We will continue to notice and talk about the changing seasons around us also.


Our Talk for Writing texts this half term are 'Whatever Next' and 'The Enormous Turnip'.


Children will be learning to listen, respond and join in with actions to retell the story. They will answer questions about the text and characters, take part in role play and learn to make their own story maps.


Children will be writing about the story using simple phonics to spell words and simple captions/ sentences as well as writing their own stories. They will also be making lists, labels and writing down facts.

In maths we will be focussing on developing our number skills by subitising, making up numbers to 5 in different ways, learning about ordinal numbers and beginning to add and subtract.

In RE children will be learning about Baptism. They will take part in a role play Baptism in church and see some of the artefacts and symbols used in the special celebration. Children will learn about being given their name and how Baptism welcomes us into God's family. 


Children will also learn about special times in Jesus' life, such as the presentation in the Temple.

In PE this half term children will be working on their skills and balance in gymnastics. They will be learning to use the equipment safely and correctly.


In Music the children will be given the opportunity to use keyboards and ukuleles. They will be learning basic notes and developing better rhythm and listening skills.