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Summer 1

Our Summer 1 topics are 'Minibeasts' and 'Keeping Healthy'

RE - We follow 'Learning & Growing as the People of God'


  • Easter 'Alleluia'
  • Pentecost - The air around us



In Literacy we will look at the following texts:




  • Experiment with their own symbols and marks as well as numerals.


Number Patterns 

  • Notice and correct an error in a repeating pattern.

  • Begin to describe a sequence of events, real or fictional using words such as first then.

Shape, Space and Measure

  • Describe a familiar route.

  • Discuss routes and locations, using words like in front of and 'behind

Understanding the World


People, Culture & Communities 

  • Talk about similarities and differences between their lives and the lives of others
  • Show an interest in the occupations and ways of life of others.


The Natural World

  • Show care for living things
  • Play with small world models of farms, trains, garages.
  • Talk about observations of nature – plants, animals, natural found objects.
  • Talk about why things happen and how things work





We will be following the Ten Ten Programme of Study

Expressive Arts & Design 


Creating with Materials 

  • Experiment with blocks, colours and mark making using a variety of materials. Use lines to represent objects.


Being Imaginative and Expressive

  • Use representation to communicate –e.g. draw or paint a picture of themselves, make a model of a house.
  • Make believe by pretending. Role play based on experience and building stories around toys Join in with songs and begin to make up simple songs.
  • Role Play Area - Doctors
  • Actions to our story texts
  • Nursery Rhymes

Incy Wincy Spider

- Little Miss Muffet

- There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden

- This old man

- Five little speckled frogs