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Our Maths Learning

Friday 22nd March, 2024

World Maths Day

Today we celebrated world maths day by having an Easter egg hunt to find some eggs with numbers on. When we found that egg we had a special sticker to say if we could recognise the number on the egg. We also had fun recognising shapes and colours. 

Tuesday 19th March, 2024

Creating and matching patterns

Today in our maths lesson, we created our own Easter egg patterns and we have had various matching the pattern activities such as matching the Lego pieces and the skin to the animal. 

Friday 15th March, 2024

Easter egg hunt - Positional language

We had an Easter egg hunt to help us practice our positional language.

Inside, Behind, In, On, Under



Tuesday 5th March, 2024

Spatial Awareness 

The children used and developed their spatial awareness to build tall, stable towers exploring the best positions for the blocks to be stood, whether it was horizontal or vertical and the sizes of blocks to use.