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Food For Life Award

Food For Life Award


At our school, we are working with Food for Life to gain our Bronze Award. Food for Life brings schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes, and their surrounding communities together around the core ethos of healthy, tasty and sustainable food. With Food for Life, children learn the importance of a healthy diet, learn about where their food comes from, uses a hands on approach to cooking and gardening and allows children to enjoy food. Their school award supports schools to take a whole school approach that sees them grow their own food; organise trips to farms; provide cooking and growing clubs for pupils and their families; serve freshly prepared, well-sourced meals and provide an attractive dining environment. 


As part of our Food for Life award, we have a SNAG team who meet together and decide how we can improve our school meals and our dining area. Children have enjoyed growing their own fruit trees and growing their own seeds in classes. We have also enjoyed visiting a farm to see how food makes it way to our plates! Have a look below at all the exciting things we have been doing! 


We are nearly at our Bronze Award!