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Summer Sea Art - Caring for our planet

Fruit tasting

Oliver's Vegetables - food tasting

World Book Day - Goldilocks and the three bears

Special visitor - Meeting a guide dog

Music - ukulele and making our own instruments

RE - We visited church with Reception and met Father Craig. He taught us some more about baptism and we even role played the sacrament (Spring 1)

Story time - Some of the parents joined us for a story time and enjoyed listening and joining in with the story 'Cows in the Kitchen'

Literacy - We innovated and story mapped our own versions of 'Little Red Riding Hood' (Spring 1)

Literacy - Children learning some of the new vocabulary found in 'Little Red Riding Hood' (Spring 1)

Maths - Children practising using prepositional language (Spring 1)

Maths - Using numicon to help us count objects accurately (Spring 1)

RE - The children used water and shells and pouring, the same action used in the Sacrament of Baptism (Spring 1)

Expressive Arts & Design - The children used paper plates and cotton wool to make igloos (Spring 1)

Understanding the World - Our afternoon group enjoyed exploring the snow. (Spring 1)

Understanding the World - Our morning group enjoyed exploring the snow. (Spring 1)

Maths - Parachute Positional Language (Spring 1)

Expressive Arts & Design - The children used coloured ice water to make their own ice paintings (Spring 1)

Understanding the World - Winter Arctic Ice

Maths - Making ABAB repeated patterns outdoor (Spring 1)

Maths, making ABAB repeated patterns (Spring 1)

Maths, counting objects (Spring 1)

Literacy/Expressive Arts & Design - Tiger in the Snow Outdoor Painting (Spring 1)

Literacy - Tiger in the Snow Story Mapping. (Spring 1)

Physical Development - Mark Making in Foam (Spring 1)

Expressive Arts & Design - Sugar Painting (Spring 1)

Expressive Arts and Design - The children used ice, paint and glitter to make this large picture. (Spring 1)

National Nursery Rhyme Week (Autumn 2)

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On Tuesday the children learnt, '12345, Once I caught a fish alive'

National Nursery Rhyme Week (Autumn 2)

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On Monday the children learnt 'The Big Ship Sails'

National Nursery Rhyme Week. Nursery took part in National Nursery Rhyme week. Each day they learnt a new nursery rhyme, we had tuff trays and creative activities to help. We also sent home a booklet of nursery rhymes, so that parents could sing the rhymes with their children too. (Autumn 2)

One Life Music Retreat (Autumn 2)

Making Glitter Bottles (Autumn 1)

Where's Spot Story Mapping (Autumn 1)

Recognising Numbers 3 & 4 (Autumn 1)

Recognising the numbers 1 & 2 (Autumn 1)