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Year 1

Autumn 1

Computing systems and networks – Technology around us


The children will become more familiar with the different components of a computer by developing their keyboard and mouse skills, and also start to consider how to use technology responsibly. In the first part of the Autumn Term we learn how to log on to our Chrome Books.

Autumn 2

Creating media – Digital painting

In this unit the children explore the world of digital art and its exciting range of creative tools. They will use ipads to create their own paintings, while getting inspiration from a range of other artists. They will be asked to consider their preferences when painting with, and without, the use of digital devices.

Spring 1

Programming A – Moving a robot

This unit introduces the children to early programming concepts. They will explore using individual commands, both with other learners and as part of a computer program. They will identify what each floor robot command does and use that knowledge to start predicting the outcome of programs. They will spend time on all aspects of programming and build their knowledge in a structured manner. They will also be introduced to the early stages of program design through the introduction of algorithms.

Spring 2

Data and information – Grouping data

This unit introduces pupils to data and information. They will begin by using labels to put objects into groups, and labelling these groups. Pupils will demonstrate that they can count a small number of objects, before and after the objects are grouped. They will then begin to demonstrate their ability to sort objects into different groups, based on the properties they choose. Finally, pupils will use their ability to sort objects into different groups to answer questions about data.

Summer 1

Creating media – Digital writing

This media unit promote learners’ understanding of the various aspects of using a computer to create and change text. Learners will familiarise themselves with typing on a keyboard and begin using tools to change the look of their writing, and then they will consider the differences between using a computer and writing on paper to create text.

Summer 2

Programming B - Programming animations

This unit introduces learners to on-screen programming through ScratchJr. Learners will explore the way a project looks by investigating sprites and backgrounds. They will use programming blocks to use, modify, and create programs. Learners will also be introduced to the early stages of program design through the introduction of algorithms.